I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from posting on this site.  When I began in late July, my intention was to write three or four posts each week to comment on the Rangers.  With the pennant race that turned into a real pennant race and the playoff run that took us through game seven of the World Series, I ended up writing far more than I originally intended, with more than 100 posts in the first 100 days.  A couple of weeks away during a slow news time for the Rangers seemed apropos.

The period right after the World Series was once a brisk one for baseball news.  There was a time when free agent signings were fast and furious in the initial days of eligibility.  Those days seem to be gone as teams evaluate and plan their subsequent year roster.  Since the end of the World Series, there has been a lot of rumors thrown around and media speculation about trades and signings, but very little hard news.  The slow period for this off season however is about to end.

The general manager meetings are taking place this week in Milwaukee.  There are not usually any block buster trades or free agent signings that take place during these meetings, but information that gets exchanged sets the stage for significant action at the Winter Meetings, scheduled for early December in Dallas. 

Consequently, I expect that there soon will be noteworthy news for Ranger Rap to report and comment upon.  I also plan to fill the witner months by penning posts about the history of the Texas Rangers’ franchise.  Lastly, if you have ideas you would like to see on the pages of Ranger Rap, please send them to me at  I want this to be a site for Ranger fans and your feed back is invaluable for molding the direction of future posts.  For example, you may have noticed the asides that were included in some October articles entitled “Cocktail Conversation”.  This was a suggestion of a reader, a suggestion that will continue. 

I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received from readers, which has been overwhelmingly positive.  It certainly gives me the energy to continue the effort and refine the site for the 2012.  Thanks to all of you, and I’ll be looking forward to receiving even more of your comments about the site. 

Richard W. Humphrey

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