BY:  Richard W. Humphrey

This is the update I was hoping I wouldn’t write.  A Rangers’ win Thursday night would have meant that the World Series was over, and there would be no need for more updates.  Unfortunately, the Cardinals snatched victory from the jaws of defeat; necessitating “Update XII”.

Friday morning, St. Louis announced what most assumed after Thursday’s game – that Chris Carpenter will start game seven.  Carpenter will be pitching on three days rest, one short of the norm, following his seven inning performance last Monday in Arlington.  He is available for game seven only because of the postponement of game six from Wednesday to Thursday.

There is no definitive word yet on the status of Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli.  Both players naturally said after Thursday’s game that they would be ready to play game seven.  X-rays were taken after the game on Napoli’s ankle, and they were negative. 

There is no doubt the Rangers’ pitching staff is more rested for game seven than the Cardinals’.  Ranger starter Matt Harrison will be going on regular rest.  C. J. Wilson, like Carpenter, pitched Monday, and is available for multiple innings out of the bull pen.  Left hander Mike Gonzalez also did not see action Thursday night.

UPDATE:  The Rangers have released the following lineup and batting order for Friday night’s game, which includes both Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli:  1. Ian Kinsler  2B, 2. Elvis Andrus  SS, 3. Josh Hamilton  CF, 4. Michael Young  1B, 5. Adrian Beltre  3B, 6. Nelson Cruz  RF, 7. Mike Napoli  C, 8. David Murphy  LF, 9. Matt Harrison  P.

Also Matt Holliday has been replaced on the Cardinals roster with outfielder Adron Chambers.  Holliday injured his right pinkie finger diving into third base Thursday night when he was picked off by Mike Napoli.  He later left the game.  Subsequent X-rays indicated the finger was not broken, but Friday he was deleted from the roster with a reported “sore wrist”.

NOTE:  This post will be updated throughout the day as developments warrant.

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